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I specialize in helping existing service-based and brick-and-mortar locally-owned business owners boost sales, reduce costs to improve profits, and pay themselves more while positioning themselves in their community to become instantly referable.

By providing customized solutions, 1:1 work, and offering over 25 years of experience in scaling locally owned businesses. I guide you with actionable strategies, clarity, profitability, accountability, and an easy-to-execute road map to build the business you desire, get results and pay yourself more. Learn more about my business coaching services below!


Mini Workshops

Become instantly referable to get more clients

Referred leads have a 71% higher conversion rate than cold leads. During this 90-minute 1:1 workshop, Jennifer will teach you a strategy that has helped her clients 4x their revenue in one year. She will teach you how to show up and be an expert in your industry, and become instantly referrable by leveraging your network.

Investment: $147

The Expert Messaging Formula

Ever wonder what to say on Social media and question if anyone is listening? In this 90-minute 1:1 workshop, Jennifer will teach you the Expert Messaging Formula that is guaranteed to stop the scroll and get more attention on your business. Walk away with a 90 day social media content plan.

Investment: $147

Product/Service Profitability Audit

During this 90-minute 1:1 session with Jennifer, we will rank your products and services from most to least profitable and brainstorm how to increase your product offerings to improve profitability and pay yourself more. Know your numbers at all times.

Investment $147

Strategic Growth Session – Half Day

Local-owned businesses have unique challenges such as pricing themselves competitively to compete with online businesses while still making a profit, customers finding and remembering them in a busy digital world, and finding the time to build a strong network to become easily referrable.

I guide you on how to overcome these challenges with a very specific blueprint focusing on three key elements: product or service profitability and knowing your numbers at all times, becoming a community leader by positioning yourself as the expert in your industry to attract more customers and creating a Customer Ambassador Program to drive referrals and more traffic to your business.

So what would a dedicated day to create a blueprint to fast-track your sales, improve your profits, and have a clear concise plan to attract more customers look like? Let’s find out together!

Fast Track Revenue in 90 Days

Most of us didn’t go to Entrepreneurial school. Being a business owner is living and learning as we go, making many mistakes (some more costly than others), and a lot of grit to push forward. It is the “school of hard knocks” which doesn’t include a nice road map to success.

Owning a business is hard and can feel lonely, but it is also the most rewarding career you will ever embark on for you and your family – when done with support and community.

Everyone needs help at some point in their journey: You should NOT be doing it alone!

I guide you on how to fast-track revenue and profits with a very specific framework focusing on three key elements: Market Demand which is product or service offerings, pricing and profitability to drive sales. Becoming a community leader by positioning yourself as the expert in your industry to attract more customers and creating a Customer Ambassador Program to be instantly referable and more traffic to your business.

How We Work Together


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1:1 Customized Strategy Sessions

30 minute complimentary session to see if we are a good fit. No pressure!

Business assessment

Comprehensive Virtual Business Assessment to review your entire business and financials.

Collaborative Drive

Find trainings, cheat sheets, and resources you need for your business

Zoom meetings

1:1 virtual session each month. Pick a time and day that works best for you!

Bonus trainings

Recorded to watch when it’s convenient for you!

Ongoing Communication

to hold you accountable and help you make on-going decisions


Those are what you get to enjoy from our journey together!