With the Grow Your Business Framework

Are you struggling to grow your local business and tired of chasing customers?

Do you want to obtain more high ticket clients?

Would you like recurring monthly revenue?

Are you ready to price your services to increase your profitability and pay yourself more?

What would business be like for you if you had a pipeline of leads ready to work with you?

Do you constantly worry about cash flow?

I get it, I have been there and that is why I am here to help you scale faster and save time with a personalized blueprint to increase store traffic for your business.

The purpose of The Grow Your Business Framwork is to provide you with customized solutions to those common problems for today’s service based business owners. 

Save yourself time and money with these tried and tested sales-producing strategies.

Who is it for?

Existing service based small business owners who want to fast track and grow in their local market.  

Based on 15 reviews
Rachel DuShaw
Rachel DuShaw
Simply put, doing a 1-on-1 session with Jen has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I met with Jen just over a month ago and have already seen a return on my investment. She worked with me on messaging updates, pricing changes, and help me create a road map for my business. On top of being incredibly business savvy, with years worth of knowledge to share, she also understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and mom. Something that I personally had a hard time balancing. Her empathy and compassion is something that I won’t forget and she gave me a much needed confidence boost. I cannot recommend Jen enough!
Kaira Williams
Kaira Williams
Jen is amazing to meet 1-on-1 when it comes to needing guidance when navigating growth in a small business. Meeting with her during a 3 hour intense session to work on specific need was a perfect fit for my business and was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to come up with different routes that were all wise decisions as I go back to school full time to finish my bachelors degree. Highly recommend!
Matt Newell
Matt Newell
Working with Jennifer at Next Wave Business Coaching was everything I had hoped for and more. She was able to help open my eyes to those blind spots in my business that I didn’t see (or didn’t want to see!). Jennifer’s coaching method started with getting to know us, and what our vision for the future was and then helped us to set goals and helped us with our own accountability to continue to grow towards those goals. As a husband and wife Team, our business comes with an extra set of complications that Jennifer was able to again help is navigate without “taking sides” and helped us to come to a better understanding of each of our roles and how we can best work together. Jennifer’s personal approach and understanding makes us feel that we not only have a coach, but a mentor and a friend who is genuinely interested in seeing our business grow. Thank you for all your help and guidance!
Aimee Jackson
Aimee Jackson
Jen has taken me from a behind the scenes owner to a front man. She has coached me through some really tough stuff. I have a better understanding about my business and myself. She takes the time to look at every aspect of your business and finds ways to make it better. She takes the dead parts and brings it to life. I am very grateful for her coaching and how she has taught me to a better business owner.
Tanya Thompson
Tanya Thompson
It has been a pleasure to work with Jen at Next Wave Business Coaching. As a new entrepreneur, I had a difficult time focusing on goals and formulating a strategy that was specific enough to produce growth. With guidance and coaching...I have been able to narrow in on a few specific goals and pay attention to variables that matter for overall growth within my business. Jen is a great cheerleader and advocate for your personal success within your business. She cares about your quality of life and will meet you where you are at in your business.
Lindsey Hicks
Lindsey Hicks
I love the energy Jennifer contributes to any speaking engagement or 1:1 conversation. I can tell how truly passionate she is to help our local businesses grow, while taking care of themselves and their teams. She left with tangible and inspirational takeaways to become to best leaders to our team, customers, and clients. I would recommend Jennifer to a speaking engagement and as a business coach for your company.
charlene wallace
charlene wallace
Jennifer's customer experience workshop gave me an understanding of how important it is to pay attention to providing my clients with a positive emotional experience as well as the usual great customer service. Her presentation was clear, effective, and engaging. I recommend her!
Tarryn LaFreniere
Tarryn LaFreniere
I gained a better understanding of what I needed to prioritize in my business. Jen is good at organizing information in a productive way which kept me focused and able to address issues in an efficient way.
Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson
Jennifer has an amazing way of getting you to look at your business with a different perspective. Going through Jennifer’s Business Breakthrough Strategy Session helped me focus on some very specific areas of my business to increase sales and profits. This has truly helped me uncover hidden opportunities to grow my business and increase profits.
Callista Ramos
Callista Ramos
We came to Jenn feeling hindered in the rate of our business’ growth and brand awareness. Jenn helped us to unveil and reach every corner of opportunity to get out brand out in front of people and fine tune what we already had going. A specific area Jenn helped us grow significantly was in how we connect with others, especially on social media. Our customer retention rate increased 6% immediately after we began meeting with Jenn.

Customized Solutions for your business to include but not limited to:

Complete Business Analysis

Utilize Jennifer’s superpower of uncovering hidden opportunities for your business with a comprehensive business analysis. Upon completing the analysis, we will create a road map to help you attract more customers, sell more products or services, and increase your profitability too.

Building a Strong Online Presence to Drive Sales:

The focus will be on utilizing Jennifer’s unique approach to getting 5-star Google Reviews and analyzing your digital presence to ensure that customers can easily find you.

Financial Analysis

Together we will review your financials and develop a plan to cut costs and master pricing and product/service offerings that customers can’t resist to sell more and increase your profitability as well. Pay yourself more!

Build recurring revenue

A key to owning a successful brick-and-mortar business is gaining customers outside the four walls. You will learn how to develop strategic partnerships to drive traffic and build recurring sales.

Build Customer Loyalty:

It costs 8x more to find a new customer. The key to this growth strategy is increasing customer loyalty and increasing conversion rates of new and current customers. Learn from Jennifer’s success with her 4 must-ask questions of every customer who walks in the door.

Create a Compelling Customer Experience:

How great would it be to own a business where your customers are your biggest fans and tell 10 of their best friends? You can with this proven process of creating a shopping experience and effective strategies for building referral sales.

 What is included:

  • 1 – 3 hour  Virtual Business Analysis Session- Uncover hidden opportunities for growth in this session and create a road map to success. 
  • (6) – 60-minute personalized strategy sessions: Kick off each month with a 1:1 Virtual Strategy Session with Jennifer. We will discuss real-world solutions for YOUR business.
  • Easy to implement customized Road Map to gain customers and increase sales – know what to do at all times
  • Templates, Worksheets, and Video Training each month – proven best practices to grow your business
  • Accountability – Weekly Check in to answer questions and help you make those tough decisions. Take the loneliness out of owning a business by having an advocate by your side.
  • On-going support – communicate with Jennifer and the team via Slack to get those questions answered or problem-solved when needed and to stay motivated and focused
  • Strategic Connections: Utilize Jennifer’s powerful network and get the right people in your corner to help your business grow.
  • Extra training and get best practices from Subject Matter Experts in fields such as your finances and cash, social media, SEO, copywriting, and more.
  • BONUS: Group Coaching Call – send in your questions and get them answered by Jennifer – 3rd Thursday of the month at noon – Live Zoom for all clients to attend. Learn from others and gain support in this community-oriented coaching call.

Proven results from the Increase Store Traffic Blueprint program: 


"4x my revenue in one year"


"Increased profitability on my services by 15%"


"Gained 20 new memberships in one month and my team sold them all!"


"Gained back 5 hours of my week by networking in the right places and stopped chasing customers."


Katelynn O., Decorating Den Interiors

“Jen has an incredible ability to ask the right questions and truly listen to her clients’ needs. Her insights and feedback helped me identify areas of my business that needed improvement and develop strategies to address them. She helped me create a clear roadmap to achieve my goals and provided me with the tools I needed to implement positive changes in my business.”

Tanya M., The Aroma Labs

“With guidance and coaching…I have been able to narrow in on a few specific goals and pay attention to variables that matter for overall growth within my business.”

Jen S., Fresh Start Studios

“Going through Jennifer’s program helped me see my business from a different angle. It allowed me to find what was specific to my business needs to increase sales and profits and allow me to formulate a clear plan to make my larger goals seem more reachable. This has truly helped me uncover hidden opportunities to grow my business and increase profits.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for this program when I can use online and free resources and do my own research?

Yes, you are right there are plenty of free resources, podcasts, and online research that can be done, but the truth is how many of these great ideas do you actually implement?  You can spend a lot of time and money chasing ideas.  Working with Jennifer allows you to have a step-by-step customized plan that works for your business, keeps you focused, answers the issues you specifically have, and receives the accountability you need to get the results you desire. 

I am so busy running my business, how will I have time for this?  

You will need to set aside 2 hours per month for online consulting calls and then time each week to work on implementing the strategies we outline for your business.  The fun part, this is not homework, these are real-world tried and tested business strategies that you will bring to market immediately as we work together, and therefore get the results you desire for your business. 

I really do not think I can afford to invest in this right now.

Trust me, I understand this is an investment.  What is important to consider is the long-run return on your investment.  I can help you quickly identify opportunities for growth, uncover the blindspots that might have you stuck, and my focus is to help you make more money for yourself and your family.  You will see the effects of your investment for years to come and will pay off significantly for you. 

What if I am not interested in one of the month’s topics?

No problem, this program is completely customizable.  After the initial month 1 business analysis, Jennifer will create a road map for you based on what your business needs.  With over 20+ years of running a successful brick-and-mortar business, she has a lot of experience and teachings to share. 

Am I guaranteed results? 

Of course, I can not guarantee what your exact results will be, each business and industry is different, however, I can tell you that you will personally and professionally grow.  I can tell you 100% of every single client that I have served has had positive results. Results such as a 15% increase in profitability, saving 5 hours a week in their precious time, a 6% increase in customer retention, and more.  Please look to my testimonials on this page, my website, or social media to hear what others have to say. 

Meet Your Mentor

Jennifer Kok left a successful corporate career to start her first business two days before giving birth to her second child, turned it around in the middle of a recession, and then sold the company for a profit after growing it to a national brand. She makes her experience an asset for owners looking for the next wave in their business journey.

Jennifer owned and operated a service based profitable bakery for 20 years. She knows better than anyone what it takes to obtain high ticket clients, create a memorable experience for your customers and utilize all the tools in an entrepreneur’s toolbox to grow a thriving, profitable business. She takes her 20 years of experience, proven track record, and best practices and teaches other small business owners how they too can get more customers in the door and also create a business that gives them the freedom and flexibility they desire for their families.

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