Hi, I’m Jen

I specialize in helping existing locally-owned business owners boost sales, improve profits, and pay themselves more while positioning themselves as a leader in their community. 

I believe local businesses are the heart of our communities and I am fed up with watching our local businesses struggle and even close.  Together we’ll combine your passion with my visionary super-powers and 25+ years of experience to uncover hidden opportunities and barriers preventing you from building the business you desire and make the income you want to make.  You will walk away with a customized executable plan to grow your business. 

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Have you ever felt like this?

You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about your business and how you need to sell to nine more customers this month.

You often worry about cash flow and how you are going to make payroll or pay your vendors.

You have so many ideas and get overwhelmed with trying to decide which one to implement that you end up not doing anything at all

You feel like you don’t have enough time for your business, your kids, the laundry, or your spouse, and it just all feels like too much.

You are tired of seeing the smiley faced trucks in your neighborhood, and you wonder “Will I ever really compete with online retailers and big box stores?”

You want to grow your business, and you want it to be profitable but you are tired, feeling frustrated, maybe even a little burnt out.

You have tried so many things, spent a lot of money and time on new marketing gimmicks, new products or service launches only to find you barely moved the needle.

You feel like all you do is chase customers and wonder, “Where are the people that want to buy from me?”

Here’s the thing, it’s not your fault. Here’s why…

Most of us didn’t go to Entrepreneurial school. Being a business owner is living and learning as we go, making many mistakes (some more costly than others), and a lot of grit to push forward. It is the “school of hard knocks” which doesn’t include a nice road map to success.

Owning a business is hard and can feel lonely, but it is also the most rewarding career you will ever embark on for you and your family – when done with support and community.

Everyone needs help at some point in their journey: You should NOT be doing it alone!

“Jen has an incredible ability to ask the right questions and truly listen to her clients’ needs. Her insights and feedback helped me identify areas of my business that needed improvement and develop strategies to address them. She helped me create a clear roadmap to achieve my goals and provided me with the tools I needed to implement positive changes in my business that are leading to me being an expert in my industry.”

– Katelynn O., Decorating Den Interiors

“Going through Jennifer’s program helped me see my business from a different angle. It allowed me to find what was specific to my business needs to increase sales and profits and allow me to formulate a clear plan to make my larger goals seem more reachable and I 4x my revenue!”

– Jen S., Fresh Start Studios

“We came to Jenn feeling hindered in the rate of our business’ growth and brand awareness. Jenn helped us to unveil and reach every corner of opportunity to get out brand out in front of people and fine tune what we already had going.

A specific area Jenn helped us grow significantly was in how we connect with others, especially on social media. Our customer retention rate increased 6% immediately after we began meeting with Jenn.”

– The Soccer Spot

“”Simply put, doing a session with Jen has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I met with Jen just over a month ago and have already seen a return on my investment. She worked with me on messaging updates, pricing changes, and help me create a road map for my business. On top of being incredibly business savvy, with years worth of knowledge to share, she also understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and mom. I cannot recommend Jen enough!”

– Rachel- West Michigan Organizing

I focus on three key areas:

I combine these three to help you Master the Art of Customer Attraction to fast-track your growth and save you time and money by stopping the constant chasing of customers. I have an empathetic, understanding, visionary personality that loves to have fun all while also holding space for us to learn & develop the key skills you need to be successful. 

Topics I cover with clients include… 


Your pricing structure and profitability model.  Are you set up to make the most money you possibly can?


Your sales process: What does the customer journey look like and are we maximizing sales and repeat purchases?


Recurring revenue: How can we get your customers to buy more throughout the year?


Boost your revenue: strategies to take your business to 7 figures.


Networking that attracts customers. No more going to every event in town – I will teach you how to network with purpose and save you time and money.


Strategic referral partners: I am a super connector and I will teach you who you need in your circle of influence to increase referrals to your business.


Get found locally: your Google Business Profile will position you at the top of map


Learn to speak to your ideal client so your marketing messages get heard and not ignored by the masses.


Position yourself as a leader in your community by increasing your topical authority in your industry.


Stop chasing customers and start attracting them with an organic share your expertise approach.


Build a rock solid marketing plan that will elevate your business in the community and a social media content calendar to give you credibility and build trust in your neighborhood.


Cut costs and learn how to focus on your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to put more money in your pocket.


Long term wealth building strategies with best cash flow practices.


Save you time in your week by teaching you to delegate so you have more time for the VIP’s in your life.


Reduce stress and build confidence with an executable road map to follow every day in your business, get someone in your corner.


Have a 2nd brain in your business. I am here to help you make those important decisions.


Align your mindset for success.  It happens to all of us: doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, comparison.  I will show you how to align your mindset to keep you moving forward in your business.

Sound like something you want to explore? Let’s do it!

I specialize in helping existing locally-owned business owners boost sales, improve profits, and pay themselves more while positioning themselves as a leader in their community. 

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Clients who see the best results with me are typically…


Locally owned brick-and-mortar business owners who have been in business for at least 2 years and feel like business growth has stalled, COGS have increased, and are ready to cash a steady paycheck for themselves.


Service based locally owned businesses ( think fitness studios, art studios, interior designers, home organizers, realtors, bookkeepers, marketing agencies, insurance ) who desire their net profit margin to be in the double digits and need help navigating pricing their services, product bundling, profitability and strategies to attract more customers.


Independent retailers who love their products and services and community but are feeling the pressure of online retailers cutting into their revenue and losing customers daily to those smiley faced delivery trucks (you know who I am talking about)


Business owner who is feeling lonely, tired of thinking about their business 24/7, struggling with decision-making paralysis, loves what they do and wants to find the passion for their business again by gaining clarity, strategies and a road map to get there.  

I love to work with independent retailers, bakeries, juice bars, fitness centers, elderly in-home care businesses, insurance, realtors, bridal studios, interior designers, franchisees, financial businesses, cleaning companies, accounting firms, marketing agencies, pet care, local farm to table businesses, flooring, child care, sports centers, art studios, promotional product companies, event planners, bookkeepers, lawn care and more! 

I offer a customized approach and therefore only take on 6 clients at a time. At the time you are reading this I have just two open spots left! 

Imagine This…

  • Your YOY revenue will climb.  Your COGS will decline and you find yourself with a more profitable business!
  • You save 5 hours a week by not having coffee with everyone and showing up at every networking event in town because you know exactly where to spend your precious time
  • People refer customers to your business because they understand exactly who you help and what you do.
  • You are a trusted resource in your industry and easily attract more customers into your world
  • You go to your business every day and know exactly what to do and where to focus on building revenue
  • You wake up energized, early, excited for the day, and feel a new passion for your business
  • You don’t squirm when you check your bank balance because you know there will be cash in your bank account and even extra in that emergency fund
  • You still work hard but with a purpose because you know you are making a difference in your community
  • You make your schedule (with more time off & adventure than you ever imagined)
  • And then you wake back up and are excited to do it all over again…

Let’s get to know each other. Click the button below to book a free 20-minute call.

I’ve helped dozens of business owners create the business of their dreams.

Here are just a few success stories…

Juice Shop in Grand Rapids

We reduced COGS by 5% by negotiating with vendors and reducing her menu items, in addition, developed stronger marketing messaging to attract new customers and increased revenue by 6% all while taking away the overwhelm and stress in her life.

Dog Bakery in Minnesota

We focused on how to get her in front of other people’s audiences to grow her customer base with a organic custom marketing campaign. This positioned her as a leader in her community, helps her compete with online retailers which led to an 11% increase in revenue.

Michigan Photographer

A local photographer was tired of working weekends, we focused on a specialty niche to simplify her business and allow her more time with her family.  This strategic move positioned her as an industry expert that led to 4x her revenue in one year.

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