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Meet Jennifer Kok, Speaker and Founder of Next Wave Business Coaching

A speaker, trainer, and an advocate for business owners.

Veteran business coach Jennifer Kok started her first business two days before giving birth to her second child, turned it around in the middle of a recession, and then sold the company for a profit after growing it to a national brand. She makes her experience an asset for owners looking for the next wave in their business journey.

She is the founder of Next Wave Business Coaching where she is an advocate for small businesses. She helps small business owners who are in growth mode with strategy, clarity, mindset and habits to build a business that will survive and thrive for years to come. Her 20 years of owning a brick-and-mortar business along with her experience in developing a national brand has positioned her to help other entrepreneurs reach their dreams while owning a business that doesn’t own them.

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How to attract and retain today’s employees

    • Understanding what today’s employees really desire
    • How to attract the right employees for your business and how to craft your job posting and messaging that appeals to the best candidates.

It is time for small businesses to make a shift in their hiring process that will not only fill vacancies, improve retention but also allow you to build a business that gives you flexibility and freedom. Join Jennifer as she takes you through a creative approach to attract good talent.


3 mistakes entrepreneurs make that tank profits

We are in business to make money. In the 25 years of Jennifer’s experience, she has seen these 3 common mistakes made by entrepreneurs over and over that affect their bottom line. There is a simple fix and the first step is being aware of what these three mistakes are. Join Jennifer as she shares how to overcome these and start putting more money into your business and paying yourself more.


Stop Chasing and Start Attracting Customers

One aspect of growing a business is getting more customers in your door. It can be exhausting having to always chase customers. Jennifer has developed a trifecta approach to attracting your ideal customers to your business. Learn what these are and how you can start implementing them in your business right away to free up your time, reduce stress and costs and be on your way to increasing revenue.

    Increase revenue by creating a customer experience

    A trending topic: Studies are showing us that today’s consumers demand more of us and that they want to be seen, heard, valued, and understood. Customer Experience is the emotional side of the customer journey, whereas Customer Service is the tactical side. While both are important, making some shifts to provide a Customer Experience will help your organization increase customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals. Therefore, grow your business. Join Jennifer in this interactive training where she will take you through how to incorporate a customer experience during all four areas of the buying cycle.

    Jennifer is a business genius!

    The confidence I had in myself after mapping out how to move forward with my business ideas in just one session was career-changing for me. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future.

    Jen S.

    Fresh Start Studios

    Jennifer did a wonderful job presenting “3 Keys to Creating Boundaries to Avoid Burnout”.

    She helped provide useful information that the attendees could start implementing into their lives right away. Jennifer kept the audience engaged and encouraged group discussions. Thank you for coming in and speaking to our organization!


    Women’s Realtor Council

    Jennifer is personable, professional and selfishly....a GAME changer when it comes to elevating our business.

    She has brought us a wealth of advice and council. She is exceptional at offering different perspectives that we may not have thought about, while keeping the client the CENTER of what we do! I cannot shout out enough words to encourage you to invest in yourself, treat yourself to Jennifer Kok!

    Jessica & Monica

    Delight in Designs

    Jennifer was a wonderful presenter!

    Our Chamber members found the information to be very thought provoking and valuable. She has great energy that kept our attendees engaged and was very personable. Jennifer was great to work with and we would absolutely have her back to present again!

    Rockford Chamber of Commerce

    Jennifer Kok Speaks on Virtual Webinars Zoom, Training Classes, In-Person Speaking Events, and Podcast Guest

    Perfect for a group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, chamber of commerce events, business associations, industry groups, women groups, networking groups, business schools, any place that a group of small business owners gather is my perfect audience

    I love a good motivational speech, but I also know that in about 48 hours I am going to go back to my old ways and lose the enthusiasm. Small business owners need solutions; they don’t have time to search them out for themselves. I believe in not only motivating, but engaging the audience to visualize the outcome. I give them real world action steps that they can take back and be excited to implement is the key to a successful presentation for busy entrepreneurs.

    * presentations may also include downloadable free cheat sheets.

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