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25 years of experience. Small Business Advocate. leading a retail revival.

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It has probably taken everything in you to get your business where it is today

You created your business to fulfill your dream and I am here to help you make sure that dream stays a reality.  My approach is all about YOU and what YOU need to continue to grow YOUR business.  I listen, I ask the right questions, I offer visionary solutions and journey with you to make sure you get results. I’m Jennifer Kok, and I have over 25 years of experience and help existing Brick-and-Mortar businesses. I spent 22 years in the trenches owning and operating my small business and building a franchise into a national brand.

I know first-hand the weight and excitement of building a business.  I understand the lonely challenges of decision-making, spreading yourself too thin, the complexities of financial management, and the problem-solving that is needed to be a successful entrepreneur. I help existing brick-and-mortar, retail, boutiques, franchisees, and service-based companies increase store traffic, gain customers and grow sales and also pay themselves more. 

I solve with Experience. I started my first business two days before giving birth to my second child, turned it around in the middle of a recession, and sold the company for a profit after growing it to a national brand.  I understand how to build a business, team, and network and I created a national franchise

I am an Advocate. I believe small businesses are the heart of our communities and I know that you need comprehensive solutions for your unique business challenges, This requires a trained ear and a custom approach and that is my specialty and I will absolutely and prayerfully cheer you on.

I have Proven Success, not only in my own businesses, but also in brick-and-mortar businesses from across the country who come to me with pain points and stress but walk away with an actionable plan, vision, and confidence.

When I am not chatting about all things business, you might find me traveling with my family, hanging out with my new granddaughter,  enjoying lake life, walking with my husband of 33 years and our golden retrievers, sipping a glass of wine with a friend, reading a book, spending time with Jesus, or enjoying one of the many outdoor activities that I love.

Specialties:  advising, coaching, strategic planning, marketing strategies, sales strategies, super connector, visionary,  goal planning, team building, streamlining, scaling, pivoting, shifting, idea generator, strategic growth,  small business management, social media, event planner, new product management, employee training, financial skills, customer service, project management, problem-solving, networking, managing stress, and healthy living.

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