Double Your Sales Intensive Strategy Session

The Hiring Guide

Hi, I’m Jen. 

I specialize in helping existing service-based and brick-and-mortar locally-owned business owners boost sales, reduce costs to improve profits and pay themselves more while positioning themselves in their community to become instantly referable. 

Today’s problem…

Local-owned businesses have unique challenges such as pricing themselves competitively to compete with online businesses while still making a profit, customers finding and remembering them in a busy digital world, and finding the time to build a strong network to become easily referrable. 

I guide you on how to overcome these challenges with a very specific blueprint focusing on three key elements:  product or service profitability and knowing your numbers at all times, becoming a community leader by positioning yourself as the expert in your industry to attract more customers and creating a Customer Ambassador Program to drive referrals and more traffic to your business. 

What would a dedicated day to create a blueprint to fast-track your sales, improve your profits, and have a clear concise plan to attract more customers look like?

Here’s what we’ll cover!

  • Prior to the meeting Jen will review your P & L to look for ways to cut costs to improve your Gross Profit Margin and any overall expenses to improve your net profit too! Then, together we’ll go over

  • Product Profitability Analysis – Review your top-selling products or services for profitability and sales history. Discuss removing the slow movers to cut costs and add more of the popular items to your portfolio to improve revenue. We will look for recurring revenue streams by bundling your products and/or services and adjust prices if needed to improve profit margin. For your service-based businesses, we will analyze

  • Owners Proft Vs. Owners Time – You will create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track the important categories of your revenue and costs to help you make strong decisions in the future. 

  • Identify Customer Buying Habits –  Create an ideal customer profile by analyzing where your ideal customers live, why they buy from you, what pain point your product or service provides, how they hear about you, are they referred to you,  what makes them purchase.  Learn the science behind customer behavior which will help you attract more qualified customers.  When we are done you will understand the hearts and minds of your ideal customers.

  • Client Ambassador Program – How to find more devoted customers, we will discuss an organic authentic approach to attracting more customers such as maximizing your Google Business Profile, getting more Google reviews, asking for referrals, special promotions, creating events, finding influencers, getting in front of other people’s audiences and loyalty programs. 

  • Become A Community Leader – Uncovering your passion and purpose for your business and strategically teaching you how to leverage this passion, your expert ideas, experience, and education to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field. You will have a list of 20 different topics you can use when talking with other business owners or people in your community and this will help you become instantly referrable. 

    Help Wanted To Fully Staffed

    What you’ll walk away with…

    • A clear, concise, personalized “grow your local business road map,” complete with action steps to help you focus, have clarity and confidence with what to do every day in your business to keep growing and avoid burnout.  
    • A product-by-product or service profitability analysis, you will feel confident promoting the right products to grow your business and not fear cutting out some products or services that were costing you too much money to produce. 
    • A sales forecasting analysis and profit targets. These targets will help you stay focused to achieve real results for you and your staff.  
    • A personalized customer profile to help you network, have the correct messaging, initiate great conversations and get in front of more of your ideal customers without spending a ton of time and money advertising your business. 
    •  You will stop asking yourself how to find more customers today and know exactly how and where to go get them. 
    • Tools, templates, and training to improve your Google Business Profile listing, reviews and to increase referrals. 
    • Accountability, support and new learnings.  You will receive Jen’s unlimited support for 30 days following the session via Slack and Google Drive, to answer any questions, help you get unstuck and review any of your marketing and messaging materials.

    How We’ll Work Together

    Step 1

    We’ll hop on a 20-minute free call to make sure this is the best next step for you.

    Step 2 

    I’ll reserve a day to hunker down to help you boost your revenue, improve profits and position yourself as the go-to expert in your community and industry.

    Step 3

    You’ll get an epic welcome package & access to your own Google Drive folder with all the scripts, templates and worksheets you need.

    Step 4

    We’ll celebrate at the end of the day that you’ve finally committed to investing in yourself, and your business and we will high-five as you go off with a clear, concise road map to fast-track your sales in the next 90 days.


    You will have accountability, as Jen will journey with you for the next 30 days to help get your questions answered, get unstuck and review any marketing materials.

    This VIP Strategy Session isn’t just an investment in your business; it’s a crucial step towards eliminating the guesswork and stress that come with running a small business. Don’t let another day go by wondering if you’re on the right track and waiting for more sales to come your way. Join me and unlock the strategies you need to thrive.

    THIS IS PERFECT FOR Service based locally owned business such as interior designer, marketing agency, bookkeeper, landscapers, pet businesses, fitness studios, cleaning services and other home related services, event planners, senior care in-home services, graphic designers, realtors, insurance agents, financial planners, bakeries who want to scale to $1M in annual revenue