Gina Jacquart Thorsen is the 3rd Generation CEO and co-owner of Jacquart Fabric Products home of the Stormy Kromer brand. In this episode we deep dive into her experiences and life lessons she learned growing up as an entrepreneur’s kid, the decision to choose to work in the family business, and how you navigate the CEO role after her father retired.

We share:

– The rich history of growing a small-town business into a global brand

– How sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time, be visionary, and willing to take risks which her Dad, termed “Plucky”

– Her experience working with Dad on Saturdays in the family business and the life lessons that come with it.

– How to transition ownership and roles in a family-owned business

– The importance of communication with family members and the brilliant idea Gina came up with after her Dad retired as CEO

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