Stop being short-staffed and get back to focusing on growing your business, nurturing client relationships and improving your profits.

In this self-paced online course, you will go from feeling frustrated to energized. You will walk away with a concise creative applicable road map that you can implement in your business to attract and retain dedicated employees 

The Hiring Guide
  • Is a small business owner or hiring manager that struggles to work on your business because you are constantly short-staffed? 

  • Has a couple of employees but always finds yourself interviewing because your last hire didn’t stay with your company long?

  • Had no idea when starting your business that so much of your time would be dedicated to creating job postings, vetting out resumes, and interviewing?

  • Is exhausted from doing everything to make your business stay afloat and have zero energy left to grow your business?

  • Doesn’t know what to do next in order to leave this unsustainable spiral? 

  • Has felt like you have tried everything to hire yet you can’t understand why you still have open positions?

If so, I feel your stress and pain. After owning a small business for over 20 years, I know the pain in hiring.  It took me way too long to understand how to hire great employees and I want to slash the time and energy in half for you! This is exactly why I created this hiring course for you! I have compiled strategies for you all in one stop-digital-shop. 

  • Why a different hiring strategy is needed post-pandemic

  • What today’s employees really desire and low cost options to provide

  • The importance of culture and values to attract today’s employees

  • How to recognize your best employee and start attracting them

  • How to make a shift in your job postings that will attract more qualified applicants

  • How to create a low cost marketing campaign to attract powerhouse team members

  • How to fill your pipeline of potential employees for future openings

  • Save costly employee turnover costs and get back to focus on building a profitable business

What others have said


  • Understanding what is really behind “The Great Resignation” with today’s workforce and how it impacts your business
  • Discern the science, emotion, and trends of where the employees went
  • Learn “WHY” you need a different hiring strategy to attract today’s employees
  • Start creating a Road Map to get your business fully staffed 


  • Learn what today’s employees truly desire
  • Learn different techniques to give your employees what they desire with out costing you a lot of money
  • Determine how you best can support your staff 
  • Master communication to retain current employees and attract new ones


  • Understand why culture and values are a driving factor for employees
  • Learn how to recognize and design your culture in your business
  • Easy to implement steps into building a culture employees desire
  • By the end of this module, you will have a road map to build a culture to retain and attract the best of the best employees for your business


  • Do you sometimes wonder who is your best employee? What qualities do you really need in an employee
  • In this module, we will dive into how to assess who is your best employee, and how to recognize employable soft skills vs. hard skills in potential employees
  • How your business can be competitve to attract top talent 
  • After this module, you will have tools and strategies to allow you to stop wasting your time interviewing and training the wrong employees


  • In this module, I share the most common mistakes employers make with their job postings
  •  Stop posting job ads that do not attract applicants.  These proven and creative strategies will have you spending your time reviewing resumes and interviewing your best candidates


  • Learn how to win over your potential employees’ attention in this noisy world
  • There are strategies to how and where to post your job postings in creative, non-traditional channels to attract the best-qualified candidates for your business
  • Avoid expensive marketing budgets and wasted time and allow the power of a strategic digital strategy to win you amazing candidates


  • Would you desire a business where your employee pipeline is always full? In this module, we will discuss a long-term strategy that will incorporate an always be looking approach in an automated fashion.
  • We will wrap up with providing strategies for you to have ultimate freedom in your business with being fully staffed and get you back to working on your business, not in your business.
In this course you will get
What you will get




  • 7 self-guided modules that will help you have an executable road map to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive market.  

  • You will also learn how to cultivate an environment that will put your business on the top of the “I want to work for them” list

  • Tools to create a concise, executable plan to fill those open positions in your business

  • Next level low cost marketing strategies to attract your next employee 

  • Most importantly: a long term strategy so you will never find yourself anxious to find employees again.

Get back to growing your business, having freedom in your business, and improving your customer service with top-notch, motivated, engaged employees.  

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Together you and Jen will create a roadmap that is specific and custom for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me say this upfront, Jen with Next Wave Business coaching has spent over 20 years as an Entrepreneur and created these real world strategies during her time of owning a Brick and Mortar business.  Not only did she have success attracting the right applicants, she also had great success retaining these great employees.


However, if you find this course is not for you, you have 14 days to get a no questions asked money back guarantee.

You should give Help Wanted to Fully Staffed Digital Course a 14-day risk-free shot if you:

  • Would love nothing more than being able to work on your business or run your department but you find that you have a hard time doing this because you are constantly short staffed.

  • Are tired and weary and find yourself constantly filling in for lack of employees, or employees that do not show up for their shift.

  • Had no idea when you started this business that you would be spending so much time job posting, vetting out resumes, interviewing, hiring and repeat, repeat, repeat and are so ready to stop this vicious cycle.

  • Are ready to start focusing on growing your business and improving your customer service with an excellent team that you love and loves working for you.

hey im jen

I personally can not wait to guide you through these creative strategies to help you attract employees and help you get on your way to being fully staffed again!

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to always be hiring, interviewing, and hoping that the next hire will be the right one for your business, the team, your customers.  There is nothing sweeter than owning a business where your team gets you and your customers and is excited to devote their best efforts to your mission. 

I truly believe that this Great Resignation will become The Great Return and people will have to get back to work, and by starting to implement these strategies now will put your business more desirable than others for these employees.

I had a wonderful staff during my 20 years of owning a brick and mortar, a few of them worked for me for 20 years, a true testament to these hiring practices work and I love sharing my expertise and knowledge with you.  I believe small businesses are the heart of our communities and I have a true passion for helping small businesses survive and thrive and giving the owners the freedom and flexibility that owning a small business can give.

If you choose to accept my invitation to the Help Wanted to Fully Staffed course, I guarantee our time together will be educational and motivating for you. 

hi I'm Jen
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will each module take to complete?

A:  I purposely developed these modules for busy business owners and have kept each section short and to the point.  These modules are designed for you to go at your own pace, however, I would encourage you to schedule out a little bit of time each week to successfully complete these in a timely manner to get the best results.

Q:  Are these strategies guaranteed to help me fill my employee shortage?

A: These are proven strategies that worked for me in my business, for my clients and are modern for today’s employees.  However, each business owner will see their own results at their own pace and therefore it is hard for me to guarantee your results.  If you are not satisfied with the course I do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

Q:  If I have questions along the way how do I get answers?

A:  Jennifer will be available during the live launch from 2/18/22 – 3/18/22 (30 days) via Voxer to answer any questions that pop up for you.  You can text or voice message her Mon – Friday 9am-5pm EST, please allow 24 hours for a response, however, Jen will do her best to answer really fast so you can be on your way to creating a road map to hiring success. 

Q:  If I purchase the VIP package, what exactly comes with this and what can I expect?

A:  You will receive (2) 1:1 Virtual Coaching Calls with Jen via Zoom.  These coaching calls will be scheduled at your convenience to assist you with strategies pertaining to each module and your own business.  Get valuable insight into your business as well as accountability to execute this strategy and be on your way to filling those open positions.

Q: I feel like I have already tried everything when it comes to hiring, how can this really help?

A: I have compiled strategies that work and research of what today’s employees want all in one easy to access course. You will walk away looking at your business differently and through the eyes of potential employees which will help you hire differently. 

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