What does it take to be a successful business owner?

If you posed that question to different business owners in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey, I am sure they would all have different answers for you. Some of them would give you a strategic approach to success, such as create goals, practice time management and surround yourself with the right employees. Others might share wisdom about mindset for success such as; believe in yourself, do not compare, you got this attitude.

I believe timeless actions steps are the secret to success

You will never outgrow these actions, your business will never get too advanced for these actions, they are not controlled by outside influences like a social media algorithm or other people’s opinions. They are in your power to implement.

5 secrets to build a successful business are:

  1. Optimism and Resiliency – To be successful you have to see the glass as half full, there will be days when business or life feels hard and if you immediately think negatively, it will make mustering up the motivation to tackle the problem at hand very challenging. In addition, thick skin is a must. In today’s world it is so easy for others to criticize or leave you a less than 5-star review on Google. Instead of feeling depressed and stressed, ask yourself what can I learn from this to make my business better and secondly it is imperative to know this is not personal, it usual has nothing to do with you it is usually something in their life that is triggering the criticism. Let it go and move on.
  1. Act when opportunity presents itself – many times businesses lose out on their shot because of inaction or analysis paralysis. When my son was playing basketball, my husband would tell him the infamous Wayne Gretzy quote “you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and often times he didn’t take the shot because he wasn’t prepared and he let fear hold him back. This can be true for your business as well. Instead of procrastination, run the opportunity through my 3-prong approach. Ask yourself will this opportunity get me closer to my goal, am I and my team prepared to complete this opportunity, and what is really holding me back from going for it? Be honest with yourself and if your indicators tell you it is a good opportunity, then muster up the confidence to take the shot
  1. Get and stay connected – it takes a village to do anything well and that includes owning a business. Surround yourself with other successful business owners, make it a point to make new connections but also nurture the ones you have. The most successful people put helping and adding value to others as a top trait before they expect or ask from others. Show up consistently, add value to others, connect people to each other and they will remember you and support you in return.
  1. Stay in the present and be on the lookout – I think we have become a society that glances over things, the latest study shows that people glance over websites, in fact you have 7 seconds to capture their attention. Look around and what do you see, people always on our phones, looking down. What if you slowed down, let time work for, minimized distractions, stayed present and in the moment and looked around? I bet you will see plenty of opportunities in your present view that you didn’t notice before.
  1. Visualize your success. What does success look like in your business, in your family? Visualize in detail what steps you need to take; the conversations you have, the clients you serve, the money you will make, what will you do with the money, how much will you bless others with, the legacy you leave your family. By engaging in this activity, it puts your daily actions in touch with your subconscious mind and trains your subconscious mind to be working on your behalf.

Remember success comes in many different forms and sizes. One person’s success might work for them but not for you. The best part of becoming an entrepreneur is you get to design what your success looks like, and I recommend you incorporate these 5 secrets into your success plan.

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