1 out 4 employees are preparing to switch jobs – Forbes. This is a startling statistic especially because we are already living in an employee shortage world. For the next four weeks I am going to deep dive into “How to Retain employees” and it starts with Vision Leadership.

What is Vision Leadership?
Where leaders are Rooted in the past. Address the Future. Deal with today’s Realities

Did you know that 96% of today’s employees are craving transparency?

Employees want to know what is going on, where you are going and more than just a to do list or project list they want to know the WHY. Why needs to be a part of your company strategy, why is this important or not important for us to do. It is Big Picture leadership and by doing so builds trust, loyalty and therefore retention.

In this 4 part series I am going to share steps that you can implement in your business to create Vision Leadership. Having Vision Leadership policy and procedures in your small business can help employees feel part of the solution, part of the program, provide freedom so you don’t have to micromanage and the end result.

Happier employees result in less turnover, better customer service, improved production and affect your bottom line in a positive way. Learn more about how to retain employees by watching the video below!

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