Why people avoid hiring business coaches

When we’re eating dinner, my son will eat all the meat and leave the broccoli on his plate. Would you have guessed he got that trait from me, his mom, the health nut? While I savor my greens, like him, I also like to pick and choose my favorites and avoid things that are less preferable. People avoid hiring business coaches just like they avoid eating broccoli.

I thought I was saving money by not paying a business coach, but having someone help me think out of the box, and connect me with the right people would have MADE me a lot more money than what the business coach would have cost.

When you’re a business owner, avoiding a lot of those uncomfortable things will cost you money. Hiring a business coach will push you past these challenges! I will be honest, one of my regrets in life (and boy I have many😊) is not hiring one sooner.

Before hiring my coach, I avoided things like:

  • Firing the employee that should have been let go long ago, and the clients who suck away your energy and momentum
  • Analyzing the profits of each item I was selling, so I could sell more of the profitable ones and less of the not-so profitable ones. I was so focused on sales that I thought I didn’t have time to look at profits.
  • Goal setting, planning for the future, and mentoring and empowering my employees so I could run my business.

After 15 years I felt completely burned out. I was making revenue, but not profits. So, I bit the broccoli and hired a coach.

I will never forget our first meeting when he said to me, “You bought yourself a job. Let me know when you want to own a business, not have the business own you.” OUCH! 

Okay, Jen, time to pull up your big girls’ panties and start thinking about work as a business owner and not just an employee.

I worked with a coach until the day I sold.  And by the way, I was able to sell my business for more than I would have been able to without the coach.

If you avoid the broccoli, you miss out on plenty of antioxidants, immune boosters, vitamins, minerals and cancer preventers.  Yes, cancer preventers!

If you avoid hiring a business coach, you miss out on increasing your revenue, profit, and sales. A great coach can improve your work life balance and help you enjoy the dream you worked so hard for.

Tell me, what do you like to avoid in running your business? I would love to hear from you. Contact me today!