FREE Download: How to Vacation like a Boss

only 14% of small business owners say they take vacation time, however 77% say they are burned out

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In order to show up and be your best for your business you need

scheduled time away. The Vacation Like a Boss Guide can help!

I know it can be challenging to think about taking a vacation from your business.  You think of all the scenarios that could go wrong, you have a hard time letting others make decisions for you, your afraid you will miss that one sale if you walk away.

The reality is, in order to keep your passion for your business and continue to show up as your best self and avoid burn out.  You need to plan for vacation time.

In this free downloadable guide you will find step by step suggestions to follow to prepare your business for you to step away.

Your family, employees, vendors, customers and yourself will thank you for it!

You will enjoy your business that much more when you return! Happy Vacationing!

Hi there, I’m Jen with Next Wave Business Coaching👋

I spent 22 years running my own successful brick-and-mortar business, event business and online businesses before selling them at a profit in 2018. Today, I am using my extensive expertise to help brick-and-mortar business owners learn how to create more clients and customers, increase their revenue and improve profits in my Build a Better Brick-and-Mortar program.

In my own business, I mastered the art of developing products, creating and improving systems, growing a team, becoming a pillar in my community, maximizing opportunities for profits and pivoting my business long before pivot was a trendy buzzword.