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The best thing you can do for you business is take a moment to evaluate how your small business is doing and identify the biggest areas for improvement so you can run a more profitable, streamlined business

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In 3-5 minutes you can identify areas to improve and start the process to build a better business

Are you looking for solutions to transition from the Chief Problem Solver of your business to the CEO?

Is it time to stop being the doer of all things and build a team and business that gets you, sticks around and will grow with you?

There are times in your business journey where you need to step back and evaluate what is going on in your business. I know we often feel like we don’t have time to do this, but when you take the time what you end up actually doing is making more free time for yourself.

What is beneficial about taking this quiz it will open your eyes to what might need to change in your day-to-day operations so that you can create new opportunities for growth and run a more profitable business and create freedom to avoid burn out for you, the owner.

In this short assessment, you’ll learn what’s working great and discover the areas of your business that could use improvement so you can identify, put a plan in place and start working towards a business that gives you and your family more.

Hi there, I’m Jen with Next Wave Business Coaching👋

I spent 22 years running my own successful brick-and-mortar business, event business and online businesses before selling them at a profit in 2018. Today, I am using my extensive expertise to help brick-and-mortar business owners learn how to create more clients and customers, increase their revenue and improve profits in my Build a Better Brick-and-Mortar program.

In my own business, I mastered the art of developing products, creating and improving systems, growing a team, becoming a pillar in my community, maximizing opportunities for profits and pivoting my business long before pivot was a trendy buzzword.

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