Three steps to drive more foot traffic in your business


As a small business owner, you know that getting people through your doors is key to your success. But in today’s crowded market and ease of online ordering, it can be challenging to stand out and get people excited about your offer.

One way to attract attention and generate buzz about your products or services is to get your customers involved by creating a marketing campaign that captures people’s attention and motivates them to share your message with their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and peeps. By doing this you can reach a wider audience and get more people through your doors.

We call this a Viral Marketing Campaign, which means you create marketing and get others to share so that it goes viral, this is something that you can execute over social media and is easy to implement with these three steps. Get the guide to find out more!

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Hi there, I’m Jen with Next Wave Business CoachingšŸ‘‹

I spent 22 years running my own successful brick-and-mortar business, event business and online businesses before selling them at a profit in 2018. Today, I am using my extensive expertise to help brick-and-mortar business owners learn how to create more clients and customers, increase their revenue and improve profits in my Increase Store Traffic Blueprint program.

In my own business, I mastered the art of developing products, creating and improving systems, growing a team, becoming a pillar in my community, maximizing opportunities for profits and pivoting my business long before pivot was a trendy buzzword.