Recently, my family and I traveled to Florida to celebrate a significant milestone: my Mum’s 95th birthday. (Yes, she is British) Observing her vibrant energy and listening to her detailed discussions about the latest PGA tour, one would hardly believe she’s 95. She shared a thought-provoking remark: “I don’t know why I am still here.” Her secret? A life lived with moderation, a mix of daily habits, and indulgences that many might seem simple, yet profoundly effective.

My clients and I always discuss striving for sustainability and growth without burnout. My mother was never in business, but there are many lessons we can learn from her:

Embrace Moderation in Business Activities

Just as my mother has never restricted herself from enjoying life’s pleasures or overindulging in them, the same can be said for business owners. It’s easy to fall into the trap of overworking, particularly when trying to meet a sales goal or launch a new product. There is often fear if I don’t work more, I will not grow.  However, the key is to maintain a steady pace. How does your calendar look next week? Is there enough white space for business-building activities and also time to rest and enjoy pleasurable activities?  

Consistent, Small Actions Lead to Big Results

My mother didn’t aim to live to 95; she simply focused on making small, healthy choices each day. Similarly, the most successful businesses aren’t built overnight. Social Media might portray the get rich quick scheme works, but in the real world, successful businesses result from consistent, daily actions that contribute to long-term achievements. Are you clear on your strategy and the direction in which you want to take your business?  This clarity will lead to manageable action steps each day. 

Avoiding constant Sprints

In a 100m dash event,  sprinting yields quick results, but stamina is what wins a marathon. This principle applies directly to business building. Short-term sprints—like creating quick cash injections or launching a new product or service—are sometimes necessary, but they shouldn’t be the norm. Constantly reacting to your business instead of having a proactive growth plan can lead to quick burnout.  What about you?  What are you currently reacting to in your business? 

Delegate and Step Away

One of the most significant risks for small business owners is the belief that they must do it all themselves. This mindset not only minimizes business growth but is also the number one cause of burnout. My mother balances her life by focusing on what she loved and eliminating activities that drained her energy. As author Gay Hendricks would put it, find Your Zone of Genius, spend your time and energy in that zone, and delegate the rest.  Allowing your team to shine in their Zones of Genius builds others’ confidence and trusting them to handle them builds a strong workplace.  What do you need to delegate today? . 

42% of business owners have said they have experienced burnout once or twice. So, what small change can you make today in your business to start building a more sustainable future? May the lesson of my Mom’s longevity guide you.


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