Behind the Scenes look at Launching a Business~ Episode 1

I have built and sold multiple businesses in my 22-year Entrepreneurial career, I always say there isn’t much I haven’t experienced which is why I decided to launch my encore career, a coaching business, a service-based business to help others on their journey. Like any business there are always ups and downs or what my family calls Peaks and Pits.

Peaks and Pits

Our family loves to travel and one of our traditions is to share Peaks and Pits. At the end of the day, we will be gathered around the dinner table and everyone has to share one Peak – the win or highlight of the day and one Pit – the low point of the day. There is one challenge with this game, you always want to go first. Because the rules of the game are you may not use someone else’s Peak or Pit, you can only say ONE Peak and ONE Pit, needless to say if you go last, you have to get creative and relive the little wins. I love that, why do we tend to overlook the “little” wins? Anyway, lucky me, this time, I get to go first.

The Peak

A reasonable goal was to have (6) 1:1 private coaching clients in the first 6 months of business. I have 3 and have a few leads for my 4th. I am happy with this progress and feel like I am off to a good start. More importantly, am I adding value and helping my clients? After having a few good strategy sessions, yes, I do feel like I am adding value and helping them scale and achieve their goals. Of course, I will be sure to ask them, the only way I can get better and add value is to ask for candid feedback. Okay add that to my to-do list, grow a thick skin and create a survey. Side note, one of my favorite tips, get feedback from your customers or clients, it is invaluable. So many new ideas are birthed from a client suggestion. Don’t be afraid to ask! Do you have a system in place to survey your customers?

The Pit

The challenges, frustrations, the scratching my head moments. Like any new business launch I have had my share, nothing worthwhile is ever smooth sailing. However, I like to look at the Pit as an opportunity. For me that would be technology, Who knew there was so much backend work to launching online programs? First step, buy a new computer which took me from a Dell to MAC, surprisingly I adjusted to the new system quite well. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Now, I need to decide on how to automate, learn how to edit in I-Movie, what to automate and who to hire to help me! So needless to say, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the systems aspect of my business.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed in your business?

For those feeling overwhelmed, I always suggest get a tribe. A business coach, find a mentoring group, chat with your hair dresser, etc. I am no exception. I need a coach from time to time, just like your business needs a coach from time to time, so that is what I am doing! I am researching service based coaching coaches. I guess that is what you would call them, someone who can help me streamline the backend and show me the ropes and of course, hold me accountable.

On a personal note, my husband Brian is keeping busy with our Master Bath remodel, it is so nice he is handy and willing to listen to all of my crazy ideas. Also, of course, we can’t go a day without a puppy update. We have a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Myla and this past fall we adopted a new Golden Retriever puppy, Callie. My daughter and her husband have Callie’s litter mate, Oakley. The pups are now 6 months old and have entered the teenage phase of sneaking out the backyard and getting into things they shouldn’t. Puppy training starts next week! I forgot how much work these cute little ones can be!

I officially launched September of 2020, but I will call this my first installment of Behind the Scenes of Building A Business. By sharing my journey, I hope it helps you on yours. Tune in next month for a monthly update on how I am progressing, my Peak and Pit, and if I found a coach to meet my needs. See you are all holding me accountable.

Please share the peaks and the pits that you are currently experiencing in your business!

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