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The Hiring Guide

As business owners, it is easy to not always see the big picture!

Especially when your business is growing faster than you are, it is easy to get consumed, overwhelmed, and unsure how to keep going at this crazy pace. When we start a business we naturally become the doer of all things:

    • Social Media and Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting
    • Customer Service
    • Inventory and Production
    • IT

…and the list goes on and on.

At some point, to avoid burnout and continue to grow revenue and profits, you need to start building a team. 

You may have hired a few folks to help, but they’ve only added more headaches and responsibilities. This, is exactly what happens when you don’t know what specifics to look for when hiring! 

I get your pain and that is why I created this step by step hiring guide for you! 

Inside you will receive:

• A step by step process that finds your businesses biggest hiring needs
• Several activity worksheets to get answers customized to your business
• Charts to expose your biggest hesitations in starting the hiring process

Now you can truly understand who your business needs and have full confidence in hiring them!

 Plus, you’ll be able to:

• Understand what activities take up most of your time
• Define why you may have hesitations about hiring
• Identify what activities you should be doing to grow your business and what is a waste
• Know without a doubt who needs to be hired to support the growth of your business

What others have said

It’s perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses and small businesses!

  • bakeries
  • salons
  • freelancers
  • cleaning businesses
  • home improvement brands
  • business to business, and more!


…and the best part?

It’s yours for only $17!

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How to write a job posting

Now you can truly understand who your business needs and have full confidence in hiring them!

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