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Help Wanted to Fully Staffed Digital Course

Are you someone who…

    • Is a small business owner that struggles to work on your business because you are constantly short-staffed?
    • Has a couple of employees but always finds yourself interviewing because your last hire didn’t stay with your company long?
    • Has felt like you have tried everything to hire yet you can’t understand where all the “good” employees went?
    • Had no idea when starting your business that so much of your time would be dedicated to creating job postings, vetting out resumes, and interviewing?

In this self-paced Digital Course you will receive: 

    • 7 self-guided modules that will help you have an executable road map to attract and retain top talent.  You will also learn how to cultivate an environment that will put your business on the top of the “I want to work for them” list
    • Step by Step outline to help you craft a job posting that actually attracts applicants
    • Tools to evaluate which skills you need for your open positions and confidently know “who is my best employee
    • Next level social media strategies to attract your next employee
    • Most importantly: a long term strategy so you will never find yourself anxious to find employees again.
    • Support from Jen as you go through this course 

Build a Better Business: 6 months to creating a profitable, thriving business

Is your business ready to maximize its growth and profit potential?

Do you feel like you can’t compete with big box stores and Amazon and are looking for solutions to stay competitive in the marketplace?

Are you ready to build a foundation so strong that your business can survive any challenges and thrive for years to come?

In this 6-month coaching partnership, we will explore opportunities for growth, build systems and strategies to improve day-to-day operations, create visionary solutions that will allow you to run a more streamlined, profitable business for years to come.  During our in-depth coaching sessions, we will focus on the key areas of a successful brick-and-mortar business, which include:

  • Building a strong business foundation (to help you thrive for years to come)
  • Increase revenue and improve profits (Yes, we are in business to make money!)
  • Finding more loyal customers (and increasing engagement)
  • Building a team that gets you (even if you are a solo entrepreneur)
  • Creating systems that work for you (and free up your time to do the things that you love)
  • Developing a marketing plan for long term growth (and take the guesswork out of what to do next)

 What you will receive:

    • 12 (60-minute) virtual coaching sessions
    • Worksheets and resources to help you work through the 6 pillars of a successful business.
    • Email/text support between sessions

1:1 Growth Intensive

Looking for solutions? Feeling stuck in your operations? Looking for more opportunities, more customers, more revenue, more success?

Together, we will analyze the state of your business and identify opportunities to create more customers, build better team support and increase your revenue and profits so you can take your business to the next level.

You will walk away from the 3-hour intensive re-energized about your business and with renewed clarity about what’s next.

Come fueled and hydrated, and ready to get into action. We will identify what’s not working, analyze opportunities, brainstorm ideas, and create actionable steps to get your business working for you again and moving forward.

You’ll also receive a concise 3-5 step action plan for your business so you know exactly what to do to move forward, increase revenue and improve profitability.

We start with a “Get to Know You” one page questionaire. This will give me a picture of what’s happening in your business so we can dive in right away in our session.

You’ll also receive a follow-up call 2 weeks after your intensive to review your progress on your actionable steps and keep you on track and moving forward.

Only 6 spots available per month 

Business Growth Strategy Planning Session

Are you someone who:

    • Feels stressed day to day in your business?
    • Sometimes overwhelmed with all the decisions?
    • Has tried goal setting in the past only to not really focus on them?
    • Would love some strategies and action steps to create wins?

If so, the Business Growth Strategy Session with Jen is perfect for you!

In this 3-4 hour session, Jennifer will lead you through her 3-step goals and planning strategies that not only worked in her businesses, but also one that helps almost all of her clients!

You will walk away with:

    • Less stress and better focus
    • A clear, concise, actionable roadmap for you and your team to follow
    • Increased revenue and profit goals
    • Work-life balance goals
    • A plan that actually works for you and one you will follow

Be on your way to build a better business!

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