Create a Customer Experience to Compete with Amazon and Big Box StoresIt is not a secret that Brick-and-Mortar small businesses have had their share of challenges in the past few years with the surge of online businesses, then throw in 2020 pandemic and their challenges escalated. I often hear that their biggest stress is competing with the big dogs.

Is there enough business for locally owned?  I am here to give you hope and tell you YES there is plenty of business to go around but it will require tweaking a few of your strategies.

Thank the Millennials! You can start by thanking the millennials and the Gen Z generations for this. This group of people born between 1981 – 2012 are one key reason for a demand for locally owned businesses. This age bracket prefer locally owned, locally grown, personalized services appeal to them that they are willing to pay a little more for your products.

One Strategy to get started with in your locally owned brick-and-mortar business and that is create a Customer Experience. Customer Experience is different than Customer Service and it is important to know the difference. Long gone are the days where you can build a product and they will come, customers are looking for more than that. This group of Millennials and Gen Z are looking for experience, something you normally do not get from an online vendor. Create a customer experience and you’ll be able to compete with Amazon and big box stores.

What can we learn from Disney?  When you go to one of their parks what do you notice? Always clean, consistent greetings, energetic, an inviting culture, all of these are key pieces to creating a wonderful experience that keeps customers coming back and also customers telling others about their experience.

Now it is your turn!  Take a look at your small business what can you do to create an experience? In this video I share a system for your business that will  create loyal customers, improve your revenue and help you compete with Amazon and Big Box.

Video on how to implement this strategy in your business

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