When you research daily habits among successful entrepreneurs you will start to see a pattern emerge.
Most will say their day will include being an early riser, exercise, mind set work whether that is prayer or meditation, time block, coffee ha ha, learning new skills, setting a routine and always strive to create a work/life balance.
To help me prepare for the challenges and to achieve my goals as an entrepreneur my day in the life (most days) looks like:
⌚rise early and drink a glass of water. This is key to revving up your energy since your body naturally wakes up dehydrated.
πŸ™prayer time, devotional time and journaling. I set 3 priorities/goals for the day for my business.
πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈexercise and since I need accountability I joined a small group personal training gym
β˜•οΈcoffee and breakfast! Love me a cup of coffee
πŸ–₯ work time! Setting up blocks of time in my day keeps me on track and makes me do the tasks I don’t always want to do
πŸ’‘always be learning! If I ask my clients to skill up I need to do the same. I listen to podcasts, webinars or read. I try for 30 minutes a day of learning something new
🌳stress relief – I love the outdoors and walking my dogs is a great way to unwind and breathe again after a day filled with multi-tasking so I can be fully present for my family after work.
What does your Day in the Life look like? How do you prepare for all that being an entrepreneur throws at you? What daily habits have you taken as an entrepreneur? Tell me your story!Β 
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